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The Detroit Section of SMPTE is made up of professionals, students and others interested in the technology of motion imaging. The Section holds monthly meetings with a technical topic. Non-members are always welcome and there is usually no admission charge.

Detroit Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

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May 2014 Section Meeting


Detroit Section Meeting Notice

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 7:00 PM

Location: Encode Creative, in association with NextWave Media Lab, 950 Stephenson Hwy., Suite 101, Troy, MI 48083

Subject: Using Media Production Techniques for Forensic Analysis

Speaker: Ken Glaza, Owner, K & R Forensic

Did you ever wonder how police officers, crime scene investigators, detectives, prosecutors, attorneys and your federal government use some of the same technology you use for news and entertainment to protect, serve, prosecute and defend?

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) invites you to an informative and entertaining presentation that gives you a peek into the world of crime scene forensics and investigation and how video and audio technology plays a role in the admissibility of evidence, content authenticity and getting to the truth. As a media professional you may discover a brand new source of revenue based upon skills you thought could only be used in media production. This SMPTE subject matter is hosted by Encode Creative and NextWave Media Lab and is suitable for both students and seasoned professionals!

Ken Glaza owns K and R Forensic and provides expert audio and video analysis, litigation support, and consulting services that help law and order officials present evidence with the impact they need to make a point clear. Ken says 40 years of experience “putting it together” as an engineer gives him an unparalleled edge in knowing how to take it apart to get to the truth. His responsibilities range from consulting to taking the stand as a certified expert witness. Ken is also certified for voice identification. His experience includes covert electronics, data recovery, court room presentations, audio and video enhancement, voice identifications, media repair, 3D crime scene re-enactment, computer forensics and more serving both plaintiff and defense counsel in all levels of court.

About KNR

K & R Digital Media provides multimedia and Web services for all corporate, commercial, advertising and consumer promotional and educational applications. Ken Glaza provides all digital media support service for web design, audio and video production, graphics, print, film production, digital signage and animations.

About our co-host Encode Creative

Encode Media Group offers full video production for commercials, movies, TV shows, and music videos. Services include Website and mobile app development. Studio rental for photographic or video projects is also available.

About our co-host NextWave Media Lab

NextWave Media Lab creates and cultivates technology, media and ideas that provide solutions and outlets for people, services and goods with positive purpose.

 Managers’ Dinner will be held at 5:30 PM at Applebee’s, 1275 W. 14 Mile Rd., Madison Heights, Mich. All are invited.


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Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference

Visit SMPTE Detroit in booth 15 of the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference Wednesday, March 12 at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. Exhibit registration is free for media professionals; walk-up registration for the conference sessions is still available. Visit the GLBC website for more information.

February Section Meeting



February 2014

Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 (Two weeks later than usual)

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: ENCO Systems, Inc. 29444 Northwestern Highway Southfield, MI 48034. Enter at the rear-most south-side door.

Subject: Closed-Captioning of IP-Delivered Video Content

Speaker: Dave Turner, ENCO Systems

Did you know that the FCC revised its regulations to require closed captioning of IP-delivered video programming that is published or exhibited on television with captions? The FCC believes the benefits to deaf or hard of hearing consumers outweigh the affected entities’ costs of compliance. In the past your choices for captioning LIVE Web and TV broadcasts were limited to being very expensive and labor-intensive. We invite you to come learn about a captioning product that provides an easier, more cost effective choice – enCaption3 by ENCO. We’ll share the latest on this emerging technology front as well as recent developments in regulatory changes regarding closed captioning. As producers of content for television or Internet broadcast, you may be obliged by these regulations that require you to caption your output for hearing impaired viewers.

ENCO executive VP Dave Turner will discuss the fully automated captioning system for LIVE video and TV broadcasts. enCaption 3 uses an enhanced speaker independent neural network based speech recognition engine to evaluate and transcribe your audio in near real-time. He will also discuss the audio for video technologies used in ENCO’s DADtv product, the most advanced instant audio playout and management system for live and production television. DADtv is currently used for sound effects and scoring at Saturday Night Live in surround, as well as other networks including ESPN, CNN, QVC, CTV, Fox News, and many more.

ENCO Systems provides world class radio automation, audio for video, and automated captioning solutions to the broadcast and A/V industry. ENCO has been delivering quality solutions to markets on six continents for over 30 years. SMPTE was recently informed that a couple of entry level technical support positions are available at ENCO, so this is a great opportunity for graduating students of broadcasting or media technology programs to get exposure to this technology and the people who hire in our industry.

David T. Turner started in Broadcasting in 1972 while a freshman in High School. His extensive background in radio and television broadcasting includes disc jockey, transmitter supervisor, chief engineer, technical director, operations supervisor, and facility design engineer. Mr. Turner is a contributing author to the NAB Engineering Handbook and has been a guest Speaker at NAB, SBE and SMPTE conferences. David has a BSEE from the University of Michigan, an FCC First Class Radio Telephone Operator license and an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator license. He is currently Executive Vice President of ENCO Systems, Inc. of Southfield, Michigan where he directs their efforts to develop software based solutions for the Broadcast industry.

Managers meeting (All Invited): 5:30p at the Rams Horn Restaurant, 26200 West 12 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI, just east of Northwestern Highway. Please RSVP to Louis at auxecutive dot com

Non-members and guests welcome – No admission charge

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November 2013 Meeting Notice

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Detroit Section Meeting Notice

November 2013

DATE: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TIME:  Various 10a – 9p, SMPTE content @ 6PM Demonstration (RSVP requested: see below)

LOCATION: Advanced Lighting & Sound, 1026 Maplelawn, Troy, MI 48084

SUBJECT: NewTek Tricaster

SPEAKER: Shawn Watts, Advanced Lighting and Sound

Our November program will feature a demonstration of the NewTek TriCaster ™, its capabilities and the “under the hood” technology that makes it possible.

In the late 1980s, NewTek pioneered the “television studio-in-a-box” with its Video Toaster (r). For the first time, everything to make a broadcast television show was available in one system: live switching, digital video transitions, titling, keying, video paint, still store, character generator, and 3D animation. And the “falling sheep” wipe.

Today, TriCaster is NewTek’s all-in-one, integrated live production system that offers the power of a live network studio. It is capable of accepting and using almost any input video format, with a full Mix/Effects switcher, DDR, audio mixing, setup memories and encoders for live internet streaming. It also continues to offer the award-winning LightWave 3D (r) graphics and animation software.

It is not known if legendary Video Toaster Spokesmodel Kiki Stockhammer will be involved in this presentation.

Shawn Watts has been with Advanced Lighting & Sound for over 3 years after 11 years with Roscor Corporation His primary focus has been on Audio/Video Production and Presentation for local  Government, Public Access, Education and Corporate markets. Shawn has been instrumental in the design and implementation of many local Public Access systems, educational studios and local broadcasting trucks over the last 14 years. Some recent projects include the Green Media Center studio and remote system for the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Commission, Lamphere HS television studio, ONTV Studio renovation and upgrade, City of Auburn Hills, Washington Twp/Michigan Community Media Studio and many Tricaster switcher installations.

Directions for meeting site:

Advanced Lighting and Sound is located 3 lights south of Crooks & Big Beaver, or, 1 light north of Crooks & Maple.

Turn East from Crooks onto Maplelawn.

ALS is 2/3 of the way down the street on the left side, across from the Smart bus depot.

Managers Dinner – 5:00pm (early)

Shield’s, 1476 W. Maple Rd. (Just West of Crooks), Troy, MI 48084

All are welcome to join in a pre-meeting meal.

Non-members and guests are welcome. There is no admission charge.

This is an OPEN INVITATION to all! (But please RSVP to BeckyH@go-als.com or 248-817-2092 x201)

Producers, Directors, Videographers, Editors, Graphics Professionals, Students, Faculty, Techs (did I miss anyone) ! Oh yes, Web and IPTV network Event Planners! Come see how the new TRICASTER puts an entire production studio at your fingertips! Come network and mingle with your colleagues, knowledgeable techs and potential work prospects!!

For your convenience, ALS has coupled the SMPTE content with three demonstrations throughout the day. So, if you can steal away from work there will be a TRICASTER demonstration at 10a particular to LIVE Sports (Tricaster 460, 3Play 4800, Live Text, etc) 10a -12n, another after lunch at 2pm for STUDIO Production (Tricaster 460, Virtual Sets, PTZ Cams, etc) from 2-4pm, and then at 6pm the Next Generation Productions (Tricaster 8000, Live Production, Web Streaming, etc) 6– 80p.

A Q & A period will follow after each presentation.

Again, please RSVP to BeckyH@go-als.com or call her 248-817-2092 x201 so that she has an accurate head count (for refreshments and accommodation).

Newtek Open House Flyer (PDF)