Detroit Section October 2019 Meeting Notice

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Detroit Section Meeting Notice

October 2019

Date: WEDNESDAY, October 9, 2019 (not our customary Tuesday)

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Duderstadt Center, Room 3358, 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor 48109 (University of Michigan North Campus) (See below for parking information)

Speaker: Michael Guthrie, Technology Specialist, Harmonic

Subject: Evolving into ATSC 3.0: Technical and Logistical Considerations

The transition from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 will involve several stages.   The need to retain 1.0 service and the transition from current formats (SD, HD 720 and 1080i) to newer, higher quality formats including 1080p, HDR and UHD will complicate the management of transmission resources.  The new formats, and other new ATSC 3.0 features and services are likely to appear piecemeal.  Efficient use of bandwidth will require flexible utilization of both the ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 bandwidth, managed across multiple business entities and across multiple transmission paths.  New types of sources will need to be included in the transmission at any time, and may originate from any station within the community.  Some may be transitory: a special UHD transmission of a major sporting event for example.  OTT delivery may be necessary for some of these events, and or dynamic management of the transmission system. We will discuss the likely course of this evolution and some possible solutions for achieving efficiency and flexibility in shared transmission systems.

Michael GuthrieMichael Guthrie is a Technology Specialist with Harmonic for over 20 years.  He has over 35 years experience in the broadcast industry in Engineering, Product management, Sales and Marketing in numerous companies including ABC Television, Solid State Logic, McCurdy Radio, Telex Communications, DiviCom and Harmonic.  Michael joined DiviCom  (DiviCom was acquired by Harmonic in 2000) as an ATSC evangelist.  Since then he has worked with customers on Broadcast, Satellite Distribution, Direct to Home Satellite, Telco IPTV, and Over the Top Internet Video projects.



No charge to attend – Non-members and friends welcome.

Managers’ Dinner (no host) will be at 5:30 pm at Carson’s American Bistro, 2000 Commonwealth Blvd. at Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor 48105. (734) 622-0533.

Duderstadt Center Parking Info: After 5:00 pm you can park in either BLUE or RED parking areas, the closest of which have been noted on this map. You do not need to pay for parking after 6:00 pm, but it is also harder to find. The lots behind the Walgreen Drama Center are a bit closer but the lots behind the Stamps School of Art and Design are larger and should have some available spaces. Neither is that far away. If you come from Walgreen you will walk across the North Campus Diag and enter through the large portico entrance. If you come from the Stamps lot you will cross Bonisteel Blvd and enter through a door at the end of the approach sidewalk. Once inside the Duderstadt Center, you can ask for directions at the Info Desk on the first floor right behind the elevators, or just make your way to the third floor and head towards the back of the building once you are on the third floor. Go down the central corridor and our room (3358) is on the left.

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