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The Detroit Section of SMPTE is made up of professionals, students and others interested in the technology of motion imaging. The Section holds monthly meetings with a technical topic. Non-members are always welcome and there is usually no admission charge.

Detroit Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

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Has got more than nine, and only roughly receipt, and small pieces sent her near her home, said. "I'll call you tomorrow morning to buy rice Do not you think too much, a county hospital, understand what leukemia black blood disease? " She was surprised, she could see small pieces to worry about the youngest of the disease? She warned myself not long face, careful mother to see it. Mom to see her back, very surprised and very happy, hurry to get her to eat something. She said hungry, eat the way. Then she put on the busy period of the cloth out to shrink, twist it again with cold water, then rub with hot water again, straining to wring, dry in a well ventilated place, so quickly did a good cloth to make clothes. The next morning, came to call her to buy small pieces of rice. Mom looked very assured dragged her to sit small, could not wait and he jumped in the car to supervise them both. Jingqiu especially now in full swing to make a few small pieces, because she is now afraid of her mother suspected small pieces with what happened, the more suspect the better, since mothers with small pieces of bent Anti it tomorrow to see her youngest, my mother would not suspicious. Buy rice, small pieces to send her home, the invoice to her, called her a good income, they drove to the farm to the rice. Mom see this scourge is gone, finally put a heart, and do not explain Jingqiu dealings with small pieces. Quiet autumn afternoon to report to the school farm work, Chen Wang went to pick up their families at home to private courses they band. Are somehow, went to the river to borrow the teacher's home sewing machine to make clothes. Do dinner when she ran home to eat dinner, then ran back to the river to do the teacher's home. Jiang teacher came over and asked her farm situation, she hum ha ha cope a bit. Clothes well, she could not bear to go, did not always feel a little something to do, she wanted to do and did not dare to do something. Like a long time, just remember to ask a doctor about the leukemia thing. She lounged walked to his bedroom door, the door did not close, she saw Jiang teacher sitting in the yard reading, a doctor in bed with his young son to play. Jiang teacher long sleeve soccer jerseys saw her, and asked "? Xiaoqiu, clothes low price soccer jerseys well." Jingqiu stared nodded, courage and asked "? Into the doctor, have you heard of leukemia no" The doctor put his son into the river to the teacher, himself sitting on the bed, while the shoes she asked "Who? Had leukemia." "One acquaintance." "Where diagnosed?" "K County Hospital " "K small county hospital may not be able to check too right," a doctor told her to sit down on a chair, comfort, said "Do not worry, tell me how it was." Anny can not tell how it is, she just liverpool soccer jerseys listen SILVER say that for a moment, she said "I ​​do not know specifically how it is, I just want to know, a very young man would have this kind of disease? " "Well this disease is mostly very young young people mostly men may be some more." "That is not got you will die?" A doctor carefully worded to say "dead the possibility of relatively large but you do not say at the county hospital only for a moment what it county hospital equipment is very limited, it should be to soon the city or? the province to check things have not diagnosed, not to manchester city soccer jerseys put his anxious. ". Chiang also said "Our school is not to say people have a right hospital is cancer, the people scared to death, the result is not cancer these things do not have three or four hospitals to come up with the same diagnosis, is believed not?. 's. " Anny sat silently for a moment, Jiang teacher and a doctor misdiagnosed also cited examples, but she did not know what those examples with her relationship. She asked "If really got this disease, live for how long?" She saw a doctor closed his mouth, as if afraid to fly their mouth out the answer, she asked again, as the doctor said "You do not mean just in the county hospital " Her anxious cry out, a little angry and said "I was asked 'If it is, then,' I said if yes " "This according to person to person, and I have to say are not allowed in the end can be much longer, and some for six months, and some longer "